Creating Ministry Videos that Inspire

A video production ministry focused on the harvest.

Our videos accomplish these goals:

  • Glorify God
  • Advance the cause of Christ around the world
  • Connect missionaries with churches
  • Help churches reach their communities

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video 

Why Video?

“Did you know there are almost five billion videos viewed on YouTube every day? From the menu at McDonald’s to the phones we carry in our pockets, we are bombarded with messages through video; but why are videos so popular? 

A video has the power to reach the masses and convey your message in a memorable way that motivates your audience to action. But often it seems that many great ministries are unable to keep up with changing technology, and they fail to take advantage of this powerful tool to connect with their audience. 

Lens of the Harvest creates videos for churches, missionaries, and other ministries so they can share their story in a meaningful and memorable way. We capture high-quality video at your place of ministry so that others can connect with your work for Christ. We believe that when they truly see your heart and ministry, they will be inspired to give, go, and pray.” 

Missionary Presentations

Share your burden with churches around the country through a compelling film that captures your unique vision for sharing the Gospel.

Church Presentations

Share the story of your church with your community, or cast a vision for the future to your church family. 

Ministry Promotional Videos

Let us present your Christian school, camp, college, conference, or other ministries in a professionally produced promotional video. 

How to Get Started

First, contact us to schedule your video shoot

Second, we travel to your ministry to capture your story

Last, Share your new video with the world

What Others Say

It was an incredible blessing to have Lens of the Harvest work with us on our presentation video for deputation! He worked hard to understand the burden that we wanted to get across and was able to clearly convey that burden through the video. With his great skill and even greater heart for missions, I will be calling again when it is time for our furlough video.
Jacob McKinney
Missionary to Bolivia
Lens of the Harvest helps people see the big picture in missions. They present compelling images mixed with a powerful message to help missionaries get the Gospel to the world.
John O’Malley
President of World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
Lens of the Harvest did a fantastic job of filming our church promotional video, interacting with our people, and fulfilling our desires yet, offering suggestions to make it better. It was a wonderful experience all the way around. They demonstrated a sweet spirit and worked hard. I think you will be pleased in every way with them.
Pastor Jim Ogle
Emmanuel Baptist Church
I really appreciate your help with our video presentation for our ministry. It was a great help as was your knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs a video presentation.
Paul Zimmer
Missionary to Yap, Micronesia
Lens of the Harvest exists to effectively convey the burden of a ministry or missionary to those supporting and praying. It was a blessing for me and my family to work with Lens of the Harvest on our deputation video, not only because they are skilled at what they do, but also because they excelled in patiently working with me to communicate my mission's burden through the means of video. I look forward to working together with Nathan on future video projects.
Josh Pate
Missionary to Africa