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Joy of Nukuoro - Missionaries Jack and Melinda Peeler

We were contacted by Missionaries Jack and Melinda Peeler who wanted to see churches connect with the tiny island of Nukuoro with a population of just under 300 souls. A seemingly small speck of land but people that are important in the eyes of God. We filmed and interviewed these servants of God and used footage that they captured of their mission field to create this moving video. 

This video production will be shown in churches across the country in hopes of giving this burden to another couple that might continue on this ministry as the Peeler’s health prevents them from returning to this remote island.

Clean Water For Kids

Clean Water For Kids was a special mission to our hearts. We needed to connect the needs of the people of the tiny island of Falalop Ulithi, Yap that was devastated by a typhoon. Pacific Helps is a non-profit organization that asked us to help connect people to a very specific need of clean water for the longterm. We traveled to the island to film and interview the islanders. The goal of this production was to raise the funding necessary for Pacific Helps to establish long-term collection and storage of water for these precious people.